What’s going to happen to you 40 years from now?

What’s going to happen to you 40 years from now?

This question is getting old. Thank god 2016 taught me not to worry about the uncertain. There is no guarantee I will still be alive 40 years from now.

What if?

When the things I was supposed to be worried about will actually happen, the what if’s, then I will give a damn about them. I learned not to worry about the uncertain. Of course, my reflexes still work and I get a bit anxious when something unexpected happens, but I managed to reprogram my reactions after that.

Let’s see some examples. The most common and my personal favorite in my retirement. Everybody seems to care about it more, than me. What if…first of all, I don’t like to reply to someone else regarding my future. That includes governments. So this option is out. And just because many don’t know about alternatives, it doesn’t mean I can’t do it differently. I like to stand on multiple legs, as a matter of fact, nature gave me two. So planning my retirement to stand on only one leg is unnatural to humans if you want me to put it that way. Chairs tend to have at least 3 legs for stability, to I consider my thinking chair-like…hmmm, weird way to phrase it, but the analogy hopefully works 😀 I still have my whole life ahead to worry about the 40 years from now.

What if? Again.

Another example. What is during hitchhiking I get raped? What if on the road I get robbed? What if in Belgium a car hits me while crossing the green on the zebra totally legally? Ooops, the last one did happen. And I’m still here. Breathing. Never once before my accident, I worried about crossing the green. Never crossed my mind. Then I was hit again by a taxi in Colombia. So it would make total sense to worry about crossing roads in general since I already got hit twice. So does this mean I just should stop crossing because it’s dangerous? Or shall I be terrified of traffic lights, zebras or cars? No hell no. But this would be a way more legit thing to worry about since people get hit by cars all the time.

So it never even occurred to me that I should be worried about crossing even after both accidents. So as it never occurred to me to be worried about my retirement, my travels, my life. I do my best to avoid the unnecessary, but I won’t limit my life because of fear. All the risks can’t be avoided. The bigger the risks I take, the higher the reward. For example, when a cave diver goes on exploration, he needs to accept the fact, that he might never return to the surface. So why go it there in the first place? Because of adrenaline, adventure, the unknown, excitement. It a feeling hard to describe, but it makes him feel alive.

Risk has a different definition to all of us. We are all different people, experiencing the same situation differently. The higher the risk, the bigger the reward. Even my corporate finance professor agrees with this. Logical right? I take on more, to get more. So why would I want to limit my success with my limiting beliefs? How could I take on any risk thinking I might fail? If I don’t believe in the positive outcome who will? I know the risks I take are different than in finance, and I base my numbers on faith. But I need to believe in myself, my plans, or I will never thrive.

What if it comes true?

I prefer this question. The question itself indicates a positive outcome. It matters how we form our sentences because it reflects our state of mind. There is nothing more powerful than the spoken word, so we need to use it with caution. If I always ask questions like, why don’t you come with us? Why not do it your way? They hold a negative connotation to themselves. I rather ask, would you like to come with us? Do you want me to do it your way? Do you feel the difference? I believe we affect ourselves with our words on the subconscious level all the time, so I try to avoid negative questions.

What if it comes true? Then it’s going to be fucking great. Because I wanted it, I planned it, I believed in it and I achieved it. Many things had to come together in order to succeed, many things which I have no control over, but at least what I can do is to keep a positive attitude all the way through. I believe there is no impossible. Because many have proved it before me.

All my heroes are people who came from nothing, built an empire and used their power for good. The one that stands out is Elon Musk who dreamt about stepping a foot on Mars. So he started a space company along with producing electric cars and solar panels. He is my hero because I’m sure a lot of people criticized him, telling him how going to Mars is a ridiculous idea and impossible. Now Space X is bigger than NASA and they are the only space company with a plan to go to Mars. Did he listen to the critics? No. My dreams are way smaller, so if he could do it, so can I.

Even though my plans are simple in comparison to Elon’s, I get criticized all the time too. But I watch all the inventors and scientists disregard the fearful people and I only need to follow a good example, not invent the wheel. I just need to or castle my life the way I want to live it, that’s all.

What’s going to happen to you 40 years from now?

Well, If I will still be alive – which I plan to be – I tell you what’s going to happen. The same thing as today. Honest, unconditional self-love, love for life and an insane amount of articles on the blog.