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“I can’t tell how thankful I am to have found Stephanie. I was very hesitant to follow my dreams of traveling but soon after I started working with her I had the courage to leave my job and everything behind and got my ticket! I learnt to live in the moment with her, since then I enjoy every moment of my life and I have never felt more alive. She helped me to break out of my own prison and be free. Thank you so much!!!”




“After 4 dreadful years of self-hate and self-shame I forgave the past, after 17 years I finally saw myself attractive for the first time, I never had a more honest relationship with my parents than now and I no longer feel intimidated by challenges. In only a few sessions!!! I’m more self-confident and I can only recommend the whole world to work with Stephanie. What a journey I’m going through!!”




You are an INCREDIBLE woman! You don’t talk about the usual boring life coaching topics, but you approach everything with more truth and honesty in them than anyone else I heard. You talk about reality, other than an ideal world and yet, you always keep positive. I love reading your blog and listen to your workshops. You are my idol!”



“I just want to thank you for every post on Facebook. It is strange to feel that I know you so well but we never met. I love to see how conscious you are and you are my biggest inspiration to dream big, to develop my personality, to improve who I am every day. I can’t even put it in word just how grateful I am for your work. Your honesty is unique among all the personal development blogs and I admire you for your courage to speak the truth.”

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“A very cool 1:1 experience that opens you up to becoming more self aware of blockages in your life and what your body has been trying to tell you. Stephanie helps you navigate your way to understanding what the issue(s) might be and gives you simple tools to help solve issues and get through life enjoying it to the fullest.”




“The energy and perspective I got from this experience is still shining a week later. It was the greatest experience I’ve had spiritually, and was amazed at the power of my body! Highly suggest for anyone!”

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“I booked a session for my girlfriend whom she loved it a lot and felt so refreshed and energetic after .. we both are happy.”

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She’s taken more leaps of faith in the past few years than most people take in their entire lives. She always lands on her feet and has great lessons to share. She’s a great example of living life to its fullest.”

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“Stephanie is a lovely person. I had a great experience. I would definitely recommend this if you are considering it.”



“I love your posts and articles, I just want to thank you for them because they cheer me up and make me think every day. I love reading you.”



“I found your blog the other night somehow and I read it from A to Z. I just want to say THANK YOU!”


“You are an incredible woman who I admire a lot. I love how you show a mirror to the people to take a good look in it and let them decide what needs to be changed. Your method is very honest and therefore works so well.”


“I’ve been following your work for a while now and I’m so happy to read the truth and see that I’m not on my own with some problems and each of them have a solution. I always thought I’m alone with my thoughts but because of you I feel part of a community now.”


“I heard you on the radio this morning. Thank you, I needed to hear your positive and inspirational words and now I’m ready to face my fears and follow my dreams. I want to find myself and my happiness just like you did. Again, thank you so much!”


“Congratulations for your business and your articles. You are one of a kind and unique on the self development market. Finally someone who dares to tell the truth and talks about reality without preaching. Your journey is incredible and I just want you to know how thankful I am for your work.”


“I heard you on the radio and you amaze me. I find you fantastic and congratulation for everything.”


“I totally resonate with every single word on your blog!!! Thank you so much for all the inspiration and respect for keeping it honest!”