Inner travels and backpacking adventures in luxury & away from mass tourism

Learn to relax all year around like you were on vacation.

I’m so excited the winter vacation season is here!

Breaking with the traditional beachside, cocktail sipping vacation, and also breaking with the standard form of coaching retreats, I created something extra special for you. This unique and exotic way to develop yourself combines the experience of an “off the beaten path” backpacker with life coaching worth $12.000

A true world traveler stays on the road for so long, because it’s intoxicating and addictive to develop so fast, to get to know the self, the world like nobody does and see places where no one goes. Backpacking in itself if pure life coaching. 

As a world traveler myself experienced this first hand and the road showed me my way, which is why I became a life coach. And I could never really separate these two seemingly different topics because through experience they do become one. 

Being outside of your comfort zone is where learning happens, so the Beyond The Mayans was designed to not only show the Yucatan peninsula from and angle most tourist will never do, but also to help you discover your own unknown, to get to know yourself more. 

Do you know how it feels like to not live your own life, to always trying to meet others’ expectations, to have plans but no courage to act, to feel self-doubt when making decisions, to always end up making the same mistakes and to fear new things? I could ask so many more questions, but long story short, we all do get lost in life, in our emotions, thoughts, expectations, and plans. 

So I thought: what better way to help you find your own answers than to take you to my most favorite place and second home, the ancient Mayan world and Mexican paradise. By staying away from the crowds we minimize the noise, so you can enjoy what you see outside and inside and hear the true sounds of nature and your inner you.

The goal of this retreat is to teach you:

  • To become your own coach and help in times of need
  • To trust yourself
  • To respect yourself
  • What unconditional love is
  • To improve your internal and external communication
  • To find passion
  • To leave the past in the past
  • To live in the now
  • To break your limiting beliefs and become limitless
  • To attract the right people and opportunities into your life
  • To not make the same mistakes over and over again
  • To take full control over your life
  • To define what “happy” is and achieve that

and much more. I made the program flexible enough so you can choose what you want to work on. This way you will get a personalized experience where you learn what you really need at your own pace.

If you are interested, I have a ton of details for you about where we will go, what you will see, who I am, my method, how it works, why is it different to any other coach’s technique, dates, prices, group discounts, and special offers and if you still have questions about the trip, I will be here to answer them.

Do you want to know more?

What they said about me

"After 4 dreadful years of self-hate and self-shame I could forgive the past's pain with my ex-husband, after 17 years I finally saw myself attractive for the first time, I never had a more honest relationship with my parents than now and I no longer feel intimidated by challenges. In only a few sessions!!! What a journey I'm going through!"
"She's taken more leaps of faith in the past few years than most people take in their entire lives. She always lands on her feet and has great lessons to share. She's a great example of living life to its fullest."
"I can't tell how thankful I am to have found Stephanie. I was very hesitant to follow my dreams of traveling but soon after I started working with her I had the courage to leave my job and everything behind and got my ticket! I learned to live in the moment with her since then I enjoy every moment of my life and I have never felt more alive. She helped me to break out of my own prison and be free. Thank you so much!!!"
"You are an INCREDIBLE woman! You don't talk about the usual boring life coaching topics, but you approach everything with more truth and honesty in them than anyone else I heard. You talk about reality, other than an ideal world and yet, you always keep positive. I love reading your blog and listen to your workshops. You are my idol!"