You are the one living your life no one else. You must set your own expectations towards yourself, you are responsible for your own self-development and you can be as successful as you hope to be if you keep consistent, you are always on the look out for learning and you block out the noise. 
Only you can improve you!

This book was just a taste of what self-confidence is about. Taking small steps in the right direction will take you to your destination.

First of all, what is happiness? This is a word that should be defined individually. There is no such thing as a standard. Guidelines yes, but the final definition varies. Some people find themselves in art, some in evolving the human species as a whole and some in teaching. Some are perfectly happy with little money and some need more. Some love to create a family and have babies around the house, some prefer to stay childless.

Basically a positive person is more attractive on job interviews, dates, business meetings, holidays, and in the corner store. Positivity shines through a crowd. The better your attitude, the more opportunities find you. Smile is worth more than money, so stock up on it, stick it on others and pass on the positivity.