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Teenagers often feel lost, have no idea what they want to do with their lives and they are searching for themselves. Meanwhile they have to overcome the incredible challenges of meeting all sorts of expectations while forming their own. This program is for your children if you want them to:
  • Build a strong foundation for a successful & happy future
  • Create a healthy self-esteem & confidence
  • Learn from real life experiences
  • Expand their horizon 
  • Find a true passion
  • Improve communication with you & others
  • Overcome challenges like a champion

For The Leader Of Tomorrow - Teenager Kickstarter

The teenage years are the most challenging time in a person’s life. Why? Because they suppose to learn to love their ever-changing bodies that they are being judged on by others, they have to meet their parents’ expectations while forming their own without much life experience, they have to make a decision on what profession they want in the future without having a guaranteed success or fulfillment and they have to form their value system, learn to adapt to the ever-changing world…etc…the list goes on.

They are also subjected to criticism they might not be ready to handle, they are trying to fit into a world where the industrial and the information collide, they are entering sexuality with little to no guidance on the emotional aspects and they are searching for their own personalities.

Under this workload and pressure, even an experienced adult would struggle. Yet we expect teenagers to perform in every area of their lives with minimum guidance and a lot of taboo. Avoiding difficult conversations will just lead to hurt, unnecessary mistakes and damage in self-confidence.

I worked with teenagers to understand what they would require from adults and worked with their parents to find what gaps need to be filled and what already defined parenting techniques need to be adjusted. It turns out teenagers are fully capable of making difficult decisions, they have the need and desire to talk about taboo topics and they have a burning fire in their hearts when it comes to their future when the right environment is provided for them.

Teenagers are looking for answers. Their answers. Not what we think is the “universal truth”.

Finally a grown up who gets life.
16 years old

Program Goals

  • Address the key topics everyone should pay attention to
  • I provide applicable tools to navigate in their early life towards a happy, fulfilling and successful future
  • Ask the difficult questions that gives birth to a constructive and adult-like thinking
  • Touch base on every day struggles teens face and how to overcome them
  • Reprogram their mind by eliminating their limiting beliefs and plant the “I-can-do” attitude
  • Build a strong foundation for self-worth, self-confidence and healthy body image
  • Teach them how to tap into their hidden potential and keep this motivating energy

What's included?

  • Access to video series for 1 year
  • Access to future extention or updates for 5 years
  • 5x 1-1 online coaching sessions over a period of 6 months – 60-90 minutes/session
  • Development journal
  • Future planner
  • 1x Audiobook and the same material in E-book
  • 60 minute call with parents after the last teenager coaching session 
  • VIP access to the closed Facebook group for those who participated in the program
  • 1 additional coaching session with a discount of 20% 
  • Extension on 1-year video access can be purchased for only $7/month

Teenager Kickstarter Video Topics

  • Self-esteem building
  • Expectations – society, parents, environment, and YOURS
  • How to find good examples to follow?
  • How to find passion and why is it important
  • Mistakes and failure
  • Good advice – Bad advice
  • The principles of setting goals
  • Who to compare yourself to – and what to watch out for
  • Constructive and destructive criticism
  • Peer pressure and You
  • Social expectations vs your expectations in detail
  • Lucky – Unlucky Myth – you make your own luck
  • Responsibility even when honesty is difficult
  • Emotions and self-expression
  • Taboos parents and teachers like to avoid

Pass on not wounds.

Teenagers need to be heard

Teens need someone who listens to them without judgement, without hierarchy, someone closer to them in age and knows what it is like to be young in today’s world. Before they accept any sort of guidance they need to build trust and find their conversation partner credible. In order to make an informed decision whether we are a good fit for each other, I invite you and your teenager for a “getting to know each other” call.

These 2 seperate calls will last 20-20 minutes and aims to see if we resonate with one another. As this program is not ony about watching videos, but applying everything into real life. This works incredibly effectively if you, your teen and me all feel comfortable with each other.

Teenager Kickstarter

15 videos - 150 minutes + 6 coaching - 540 minutes
$ 4597
  • 15 videos - 150 minutes
  • 5x teen coaching - 300-450 minutes
  • 1x parent coaching - 90 minutes
  • Development journal
  • Future planner
  • 1x Audiobook & 1x E-book
  • Teen daily habit guide
  • VIP access to closed group
  • 20% discount on +1 teen coaching