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When you feel stuck, you have more questions than answers, you have ideas but no plan or you just want to improve yourself and your life with uniquely effective online coaching, then this program is for you. Benefits of general online coaching:
  • The most honest and effective self-reflection method
  • Tools of empowerment
  • Time and cost-effective
  • No sitting in traffic, just bring your coffee
  • From the comfort of your home

Well done, you are braver than most people and I tell you why...

Do you know it feels to have low self-confidence, pressure from meeting expectations, fear of looking in the mirror, bad relationships, workplace stress, or desire to develop, but you don’t know how?

If you’ve already reached this point, then I think you’re looking for solutions. This was the most difficult step because you have already admitted that you are having trouble and are actively seeking solutions. So congratulations, only a few percents of people are brave enough to admit and take action. However, there is one more step you need to take before being able to find answers effectively. Ask yourself this:

What do

Ask youself this very basic question and tell me, how does it feel?

  • Uncomfortable?
  • Selfish?
  • Exciting?
  • Strange?

It is important to know the honest answer to this question because it gives directions to your development. And as a consequence of development not only you’ll feel better instanslty but so do everybody around you. Why?

Think about it, what kind of energy do you radiate when you are down? You know that feeling when someone for an unknown reason just doesn’t feel right to be close to? Or you see someone for the first time and you really don’t want to talk to them?

Now think about the kind of energy you radiate when you are happy. Imagine running around the house because you can’t help yourself, you can’t get that smile off your face and just can’t stop looking at the mirror because the person you are looing at is just sooooo damn beautiful.

One of the greatest help you can do for your family, friends, kids, coworkers, employees … everyone is to invest in yourself and shine over the darkest days. Because your balanced, confident and happy energy will feed everyone.

No, it’s not wrong if you are selfish to a certain degree because you can only give what you can replace from love. If that love for yourself is constant and stable, you truly can be a source of happiness for you and for others.

Coaching in more detail

Coaching online has made is simple, cost and time effective and very efficient to find the help that’s suited for you. The My Seven Worlds coaching is truly a one of a kind method on the market as it is based on the combination of the international coaching associations certification and real-world experience.

During our work the goal is to teach you the tools that YOU need, staying away from general recipes that don’t work for everyone equally. This targeted self-growth process will allow you to not rely on professionals each time you face a big challenge, but instead, it empowers you to gather the courage yourself. You will be able to ask the right questions, find the answers and bravely take action.
You just made the first step by reading this far, because you already defined that you have a problem, you sought professional help and you are in the fearless mindset to make a positive change in your life.
What my coaching does so effectively is that we won’t only work on the issue you currently have, but we will discover the big picture and make a positive impact on every area of your life as well. The better results you achieve in one area the bigger the positive impact on all the rest. It is like adding extra spices to your food. Not only one bite will taste great, but the entire dish will be an amazing experience.

A session takes about 60-90 minutes and generally speaking it takes about 5 sessions to work on an issue in depth, but if you are looking for a more adventurous and intensive way of coaching, you might be interested in my immersion coaching options abroad or online.

Try it, see it, feel it

first let me see if it's for me
$ 97 1 Session
  • 60-90 minutes
  • Between sessions one 5 minute checkup
  • First timer discount

Try it, see it, feel it with extra support

$ 247
1 Session
  • 60-90 minutes
  • Between sessions two 7 minute checkup
  • E-book
  • Development journal
  • Daily habit guide

I'm sooo ready

Because I have it in me
$ 677
5 Sessions
  • 60-90 minutes x 5
  • Between sessions one 5 minute checkup x 5
  • Audiobook

Here I come!

I want to shine like a star
$ 977
5 Sessions
  • 60-90 minutes x 5
  • Between sessions two 7 minute checkup x 5
  • 2x E-book
  • Development journal
  • Daily habit guide
  • Audiobook
Best Value