My name is Stephanie,

Self development is not just my career but my passion and lifestyle as well. In 2015 I founded the My Seven Worlds blog, where I wrote about my own adventures during hitchhiking the world. It was suppose to become a travel blog, but instead it turned out, the travel I wrote about what the most important of all. An inner journey. My philosophy is that everyone has the answers and solutions, so as a coach I my job is to help people find it no matter how deep or hidden it is.

Why is my coaching different?

I’ve combined my personal experience of extreme backpacking with the most effective elements of traditional coaching. This dual attack on any personal and work related issue starts showing its powerful positive effect right away, but my method is all about long term help and prevention. Due to home and work collision more and more people are experiencing a personality crisis, burnout, stress and difficulties so companies started investing in professional help because it is way easier and cheaper to not have a crisis to deal with for the employee and for the employer.

My Seven Worlds in numbers

  • 2016 most adventurous blog
  • Annual Travel Convention 2018 speaker
  • 8 TV interview
  • 15 radio interview
  • 9 printed media interview
  • 21 online appearances
  • 50+ youtube video
  • 14.000 readers monthly
  • Festival, University talks

Evertyhing starts from self love

There is no shortage of self development. But almost always the challenge roots from the lack of self love. Anyone does better quality work when balanced inside and has internal motivation. So do your employees.

Burnout prevention

Setting healthy expectations, personalized speed, burnout cause and effect, the first signs of burnout, what to do if the problem has already happened, return to work.

Work-home balance

Developing healthy priorities, healthy two-way communication, win-win vs. sacrifices, balanced and healthy expectation setting.

Time-management and effective communication

Applying long-term thinking, increasing efficiency, creativity development, problem prevention, and solution thinking, good personal and professional relationship care.

Change management

Demolish a static approach and become more fluid, prepare for change, how to deal with the unexpected, make stepping outside of the comfort zone more comfortable. 

Home and work life greatly effect each other, so to increase work efficiency
employees must work on themselves,
their home issues and work at the same time.

Would you like to offer such help to your employees?
For more information
m y s e v e n . w @ g m a i l . c om

Exclusive 1-1 for management, other topics, workshops tailored to your needs.

Coaching topics

  • Mistakes are enemies...or are they?
  • Healthy daily habit creation
  • How to start each morning well?
  • Balance between external and internal expectations
  • Good-Bad dulaity elimination, or how to learn instead of failure
  • New - how to get to know it, accept it and love it?
  • Facing fears - how many of your decisions are based on fear?
  • Clearing negativity - what does your environment say about you and how to improve it?
  • Stand by your truth - but what is truth?
  • Self love, self respect, self trust
  • Instinct vs. logic
  • How to make the need for development natural?
  • What is unconditional love and how to use it well?
  • Internal communication first - you must know what you want before you can communicate it to others clearly
  • Heathy mind - healthy body
  • What is your happiness and how to reach it?
  • A real leader doesn't lead from books, but from life experience
  • How to find passion and life goals?