Personal Development

Imagine how fantastic the world could be if it had one more confident, positive, determined and ambitious person in it. This could be you.

Self-development is a journey you can't take photos of, but it will be the most memorable of all.

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Is your self-esteem dependent on meeting expectations of your environment?

Develop into YOUR TRUE SELF without the social pressure!

Become a balanced and fully formed personality by accepting and improving yourself.

My journey

One day I was done with not being enough. I was living life like I was suppose to, trying to meet social expectations, but it didn’t make me happy. Actually, it made me frustrated and sad. Had enough! So I packed my backpack and hit the road…

My journey started when I was 20 by moving around Western Europe living in 6 countries, working for big corporations, I had my car, went on many vacations and from the outside, I made it. I was living the dream, but it wasn’t mine. By constantly trying to meet external standards I was faced with an internal conflict. How could this be? I’m supposed to be happy in my well paying jobs, yet my emotions were consuming me. The guilt for not loving my life was consuming me. Then I realized, it was me the whole time who limited myself. I kept my eyes off the ball, which was: what do I want?

After half a decade of sleeping disorders and depression for the first time I did something for my life to be different; I began a very unusual adventure around the world by hitchhiking across Europe and across the Atlantic ocean on a boat and ending my year long backpacking in Mexico, where my soul experienced what the love of life really means. This is how I embarked on my inner journey that made me who I wanted to be, who I am today.

I know what it’s like…

…when you feel that you are not living the life you wanted. You are not who you wanted to become. You are constantly trying to meet everyone’s expectations, but you are not pleased with yourself. You feel tense and helpless because you can’t keep the occasional healthy level of self-esteem going for too long.

For a well balanced emotional state you must build a stable foundation. THIS is the step that most people miss. They go straight into trying to solve specific problems, while the real issue here is the lack of stability within you. Here is the 5-step-ladder that treats the root causes of self-esteem problems and helps you to reach your goals. This time, in the correct order.

Go from a withering plant to a blossoming flower

Visualize the garden

An ideal and positive life that you only lived in your dreams before

Weed garden & plant seeds

Destruction of limiting beliefs, construction of possibilities

Water your garden

Creation of a new, healthy daily routine & making it second nature

Nourish your flowers

Building your own expectations, meeting them, self-acceptance

Blossom over a lifetime

Maintaining your self-esteem and knowledge or reparation work