Why not travel cheaper?

Why are the prices so low?

Because we help you gain access to the largest wholesaler database where there is no middle-man. You can directly book accommodation from 900+ suppliers. These service providers are gathered together in one place and are competing for the lowest prices. Delivering over 2,000,000 accommodation deals worldwide and we’ve only mentioned a place to stay…there is more.

What are your goals?


More often - Longer distance

By accessing the wholesaler database you can travel more often, cover longer distances or upgrade your standards from the same budget. For example: for the price of a 3-star hotel, book yourself in a 4 or even a 5 star for the same price.


More often - Cheaper

If you already have the itinerary in mind just book it way cheaper. This way you can go once again later this year, go away for the weekends more often or go to places you never thought you could afford.

utazás spanyolország



“We saved 1240 EUR by booking with My Seven Worlds Travel compared to other online booking portals. We are super satisfied with the service and all was organized in a kindly fashion.”

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“We saved about 1000 EUR for 8 people in comparison to an agency who quoted us with all sorts of early bird discounts. A week later their prices already increased by 60 EUR per person, while we were still able to book the original price at My Seven Worlds Travel.”

Book everything in one place

So you only need to call a 24/7 hotline if you have any questions, want to modify your booking or if you have any trouble.

  • Accommodation
  • Flight tickets
  • Rental car
  • Transfer
  • Tickets to programs
  • Apart Hotels
  • Ski trips
  • Travel insurance
  • Video reviews and downloadable city guides

This is how you get access to the unbeatable wholesale prices: by uploading a travel balance, you can instantly see discount prices and qualify for premium services.

No hidden fees

What you see is what you get

Sometimes when you see a too good offer it makes you think: what’s the catch? Well, there is no catch here. We only give you valid, honest and true information in order to make this an amazing experience.

share it with others

Everyone can travel

The travel balances are shareable, so your discount applies to others as well. You can give a trip as a gift for weddings or birthdays that would cost you little, while your gift would be remembered for life.
Smart investment

100% goes into trips

Everything you upload is yours to use with long expiration dates. 

Travel balances


  • 1 + 9 pax
  • 1 year access to the database
  • -6% on top of wholesaler prices


  • 1 + 9 pax
  • 5 years access to the database
  • -10% on top of wholesaler pices


  • Anyone, anytime can travel
  • 15 years access to the database
  • -14,1% on top of wholesaler prices

Hotel , transfer, car rental, tickets to programs, travel insurance purchase fee: 1.4%. Airfare booking fee: 3%. The travel balance can only be used for accommodation and boarding, but uploading gives you access to wholesale prices and all other products and services, as well as premium travel club services and guarantees.

Ask for an offer

You might want to try out this service before uploading a balance. We can book it for you.

travel details

What we need to know

Send us all your travel details like dates, number of passengers, number of kids, their age at check out, budget, hotel stars, city, boarding, any other preference and information we need to send you an offer.

we book from life

Best prices

We book your trip from a Life travel balance. This means that we see the lowest wholesale prices.

Getting to know

Travel without a balance

If we book your trip, you get to try out the service without having to commit to a balance. Send us the travel details – don’t forget to include your budget –  and we’ll send you the top 3 offers in our system to choose from.

If you want your trip to be organized from A to Z and you just want to show up at the airport, we’ve got you covered.
Premium travel package
“We will first discuss your requirements and then I will put together the itinerary within your budget filled with amazing accommodation, convenient transportation, program, and travel insurance if needed.

I will take the load off for planning and the fantastic prices are guaranteed by My Seven Worlds Travel”

Some partners from over 900