for a relaxing vacation

What if the hotel mixed up your booking? Your flight got canceled? It rains down on your program? The rental car broke down at midnight? We are taking care of them all.

Our partner, Fireflies, has been in the market since 2011. A Swiss initiative with a 10,000,000 Swiss franc liability insurance. They are not a travel agency, not a wholesaler, but a platform for wholesalers to be present. So they act as a marketplace for suppliers to present discounted or retail products.

The company gives the traveler two options: one is direct booking and sales, which we at My Seven Worlds Travel do. We take your requirements and send you the best offers matching your needs. We can do this because we uploaded the largest travel balance to get the lowest prices, access to the database and we know how the system works.

The second way to book vacation is to upload your own travel balance and search the database of 900+ supplier products globally. 

Fireflies also has a network marketing branch, also known as mlm, which we, My Seven Worlds Travel, do not deal with.

Everything that you book with our partner, Fireflies (flights, accommodation, car rental, transfer, tickets to programs, travel insurance, ski trips) are covered by the guarantees and insurances described.

During your trip, if you have any troubles, questions or issues that need immediate attention you just call the 24/7 hotline. We know the pain when a flight is canceled and you might not find a phone number for your airline, but if you do, you wait forever to get connected, and you spend hours on solving a problem. So Fireflies has got you covered.

You are able to book directly from wholesalers cutting the costs significantly while no one is requiring you to book in bulk. This 900+ wholesaler database allows you to browse amongst 2.000.000 accommodation offers, 900 airlines, 500 car rental services, tickets to programs in 123 countries, transfer suppliers, ski trips and travel insurance.

To be able to access the wholesaler database, you only need to charge your travel balance on our partner’s website with one of the 3  balances we detailed on the Travel page.

Also, we offer those who do not wish to upload a balance to ask us for an offer and we will send you the cheapest top 3 accommodation offers that match your requirements.

For a detailed explanation about the booking process or travel balances please contact us.

The overwhelming advantage of booking all at one place is safety and time efficiency. If anything would happen during your trip that requires assistance, you only need to call the one 24/7 hot line and you are covered under the 10.000.000 swiss frank liability insurance.

The traveler balance can only be used for accommodation and board, but you must charge it in order to gain access to the rest of the premium services, products, guarantees and wholesaler prices.

We are sure you heard about horror stories when travelers were left abroad. Our partner company Fireflies guarantees this will never happen to you with a 10.000.000 Swiss franc liability insurance, so you would always get home safely.

This insurance covers travelers to get home and other unforeseen troubles the company should face in the future.

Fireflies offers over 100 free English language downloadable travel guides created by the company. Each of which is refreshed every 2 weeks giving you the absolute latest information paper free.

This only applies to credit card or debit card accommodation bookings without a traveler balance. You may not apply this guarantee with discounted trips.

Here is what our partner, Fireflies guarantees: For example, you booked a 500 EUR accommodation and you find it on a different platform cheaper for 400 EUR. This means you have a 100 EUR loss. If you can prove the price difference, you will be reimbursed 155% of that 100 EUR difference.

Fireflies has a built in feature that will warn you if you can find that particular offer cheaper elsewhere, and if you accept it and book it anyway, the guarantee will not apply. If the system fails to warn you and what was described above happens to you, you may contact customer service and apply for your 155% money back guarantee.