Frequently Asked Questions

For the first time, the traveler has the opportunity to book directly with an independent touristic service provider called Fireflies, who will bring you the suppliers’ prices. This means that Fireflies does not have any financial or other interest towards a particular wholesaler, thus over 900 wholesalers are competing against each other for the lowest prices.

Delivering over 2.000.000 hotel offers directly to you without a middle-man.

In addition, feel free to visit the references page for happy travelers who already took advantage of this opportunity.

This is because, as we wrote on the picture and several times on the home page, these are just examples of deals that we have put together to illustrate the price difference between My Seven Worlds Travel and one of the largest competitor. They were live offers at the time.

We are not a travel agency, nor a booking portal, but a channel and support for you to get to the wholesaler database and we help you navigate the page and answer your questions. This means, we do not put offers together for travelers, we are just information and support. 

We will help you with your first booking to understand exactly how the system works and even if you need a tour operator, our organizer will take care of that. However, as soon as you get comfortable with your bookings, we will still be here for support, but you will be equipped to surf the over 2.000.000 hotel offers and more with great confidence. 

Nevertheless, if you have any questions at any time, we are at your disposal.

The booking system only shows free room capacity, so if they do not have a room, the hotel will not appear in the search results for the period you are looking for.

However, it could happen that you mistyped it or the system doesn’t recognize it, therefore you may try the map search function in the top right corner of your search results, as sometimes this way you can find it. Please contact us for help.

If still no luck, may be that particular hotel just doesn’t have a discounted offer for that time period.

You may ask friends and family to pitch in and choose the larger balance. You can get the higher discounts, so it is more beneficial for all of you, but for balance conditions, please visit the TRAVEL page.

If this is not an option, please contact us because there are also loyalty balances in addition to the basic balances mentioned on the website, which provides frequent travelers with bonuses. The combination of these 2 will certainly round up to your exact budget. 

There is always a solution.

All the balances give you plenty of time (starting from at least a year, depending on your balance) to spend everything and share your balance with others. When you upload one, you accept the deadlines, terms and conditions.