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Havana colors

With its incredible cultural and historical heritage, this multicolored country is one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. When you visit Cuba, you are on a time-travel journey as you can witness the wealth of former sugar barons that are still present in architecture. The 1950s American mob and the 1970s retro give a unique atmosphere.

Cuba has many UNESCO World Heritage sites. The mountains, rivers and beautiful beaches astounded Christopher Columbus, who wrote in Cuba’s diary, “This is the most beautiful land the human eye has ever seen.”

As is the usual philosophy of my blog – My Seven Worlds, we move away from the traditional tourist routes to look at the non-tourist side of the country. From the westernmost tip of the Cuban Pinar del Rio province, we discover beautiful landscapes, passing through the central part of the country to the Escambray Mountains.

The tour includes visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites such as the Viñales Valley, Cienfuegos and Trinidad. Together we admire the unique microclimate of Soroa, visit Cuba’s largest orchid house, explore Cuba’s largest cave system, visit a crocodile farm on the Zapata Peninsula, ride and jungle trek in the Escambray Mountains, where we swim under a waterfall.

Taino aboriginal town
Cayo Santa Maria's lovely shores

The tour ends in Cayo Santa Maria, where all-inclusive hotel helps you relax and the crystal-clear white sandy beach is an excellent place to take your new Facebook profile picture after busy days.

And if you need more time lounging by the Gulf of Mexico you can extend your stay.

The idea of Cuba by Nature came right after the first tour of Beyond The Mayans Mexican excursion. After all, my partners who put this idea into reality have more than a decade of Cuban experience. They have been able to offer special programs and destinations that have completely resonated with the values of my My Seven Worlds blog: close to nature, culture, off the beaten paths, contact with locals and widening the worldview.

Therefore, this fantastic tour was created that combines the ideology, adventure and excitement a backpacker might be looking for but put into a safe and comfortable setting. A local guide will come with us as we learn about the country together as we explore Cuba’s treasures.

Subtropical flora and fauna
Cuban tody

Not only will I be a translator, but more your guide to fully experience the Latin values, energies and lifestyle. Many people take days to swich off and fully relax, but not here. We will dive into physical and mental relaxation by learning how to disengage with the every days and have a holiday that charges your batteries for potentially longer than just the year.

In addition, this excursion promotes ancient values that break the philosophy of humans above all, and goes back to connecting with nature. I want to show you how to be grateful for all that is around us.

This is not a tour where the bus takes you from A to B as you learn about culture. This is a tour beyond what the eye sees.

The more you put in, the more you get out. This means that you will have to pack the following in your suitcase: openness, positive attitude, interest, asking and not stating, acceptance and engagement. If they are with you, you are guaranteed to learn, receive, experience and take home more than you believe.