Cuba by Nature

A truly natural and cultural 11-day tour through Cuba. Everything from beaches, mountains, farms, cigars, cocktails, flora and fauna, and of course sparkling live music everywhere with unique guidance. 

Speak peak into the tour - Photos

In order to not just rely on your imagination of what we are going to explore together, let the photos speak for themselves.

Why so unique?

The uniqueness comes from the team behind this experience. I (Stephanie) the travel blogger and coach as your guide and the agency who has over a decade of personal experience with Cuba, making them one of the biggest experts of this country.

Program details

You’ll hear about the rich history from the local tour guide, and I (Stephanie) will be responsible for the good mood, broadening of the world view, and connecting to nature. There are many different ways to go on holiday, but I’ll help you to have a complete mental and physical relaxation.

Who is your guide?

If we don’t already know each other through my My Seven Worlds blog, then let me introduce myself and tell you what my blog is all about and how its philosophy has inspired and created this fantastic excursion.

Technical information

Your investment

Everything you need to know about costs, optional programs, meals, airfare, package prices and everything else you might need to calculate with.

Organized by Marysol Travel – collaborating partner with over 10 years of experience in Latin America.

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