Hello traveler!

The ladies conquered this Mayan pyramid

I suppose if you come this far, you would definitely want to see some beautiful sights. Fortunately, the Yucatan Peninsula is full of wonders. I put together the whole adventure by leaving the mass tourism to discover rarely, or never visited places. We will do this by putting on a backpacker’s shoes – as they journey away from the known most of the time.

We mostly visit the so-called “must-visit” places before the crowds. 

We stay away from people not only for more effective spiritual development but also for a more special holiday. For example, watching one of the 7 Wonders of the World under a starry sky during a laser show, holding a tortilla race in the jungle with real Mayans, and eating in a place where no tourist will ever go.

In addition to the obligatory sites, we will go to much less visited places to get a closer look at the true Mayan and Mexican culture. As a tourist, one does not really come in contact with the locals, but we will also place great emphasis on this because they broaden our worldview, help us to look inside ourselves, and give us an amazing appreciation of learning.

This excursion holds a very unique surprise; a destination I found in the jungle. So really no one comes here outside of us. And there is more…

Our driver and his new friend
Moni and the shaman

Do you know what a shaman is? It means doctor. After all, the jungle has limited access to hospital care, but why go to a hospital if they can heal without chemicals and artificial substances? We place very little emphasis on this knowledge in the West, though nature has all the healing tools we may need.

We will meet a fantastic shaman, who will treat us with a welcome soul cleaning, and we will have the chance to buy natural medicines from his jungle pharmacy.

Now, let’s look at what the days will look like. We will be together in the first 7 days. What up with the number 7? Have you heard of the seven-headed dragon, days of the week, seven wonders of the world … this number is no accident. My blog is called My Seven Worlds for a reason, but find it out why during the excursion. 

During these seven days, we will have plenty of time to talk about the larger topics of life, and we will. As I mentioned, despite the many sites, the key is not what the eye sees, but what the mind, heart and soul feels. This journey goes way beyond pretty pictures.

I’m a big believer in having a good balance between the mind and the soul. So yes, there will be plenty of interesting facts and historical, ancient stories about the Mayans, but to really engage with a culture the journey needs to go beyond the mind and the body. 

This is why it is also a personality development opportunity for you and I will be at your disposal to work on emotional blocks, open up to new experiences, change destructive habits to those that serve you well and more…

View from the hotel on our first night
Chichen Itzá before the laser show

When we arrive at a larger site, a special tour guide will come with us who will tell you about the history of the place and provide other important cultural information. Ask your questions here because they have the knowledge we can’t find anywhere on the Internet. They are all local Mayans who were raised in this world. 

After seven active days, after exhausting our souls and minds, you will have two days on the beach of Playa del Carmen to digest the tour along with all-inclusive service at your fancy hotel.

You might want to work on your chocolate tan before returning home. And for a real relaxation, you can choose how exclusive you want these 2 days to be.