I'm Stephanie

Life coach & healer & traveler

When I was 20, I left college and went abroad to gain experience. I lived in 5 countries, worked in high paying, well-sounding professions, but I wasn’t happy. I did not live my own freedom but tried to live up to the expectations of others.

For the fourth year in 2014, I struggled with sleep paralysis, insomnia, and finally depression. I spent so many years in this dark reality, trying to be someone I thought the world wanted me to be, just to find out I can’t be. So I pulled the plug and left my life behind.

I dusted off my backpack and hitchhiked my way to the Canary Islands, crossed the Atlantic with a hitchhiked boat and I was reborn as a travel blogger, spiritual healer, life coach and overall someone I’m proud to be.

In 2015, I accomplished my only childhood dream, to be a part of an international sport-game show on TV where the biggest sportsmen appeared. We traveled to China with the Hungarian team, where we matched our talents with other nations in a playful but physically demanding contest. Fulfilling this dream had given me the confidence to create new goals in life.

Once I was so invested in developing self-confidence and looking for new adventures, I came up with the idea of ​​going around Europe by hitchhiking. During the first 8000 km I learned so much about myself, the world, faced humungous fears, jumped over so many obstacles, I was inspired to cross the ocean for the first time, by hitchhiking a boat.

I sailed across the Atlantic and began my 1 year-long backpacking around Latin America. After 11 countries I fell in love with life, with myself and one country in particular. Mexico spoke to me and I finally came home.

That’s why Beyond The Mayans came to life because I wanted to show my home from the perspective of backpacker, spiritual travel, and nature lover. This place has so much to offer when we look beyond tourism, beyond the known and Beyond The Mayans.

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