All the videos are subtitled in English, please turn them on.

The first day we go up to the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula, board a speedboat, then look at crocodiles, flamingos and then indulge in natural Maya beautification: mud, sunshine, and water.

On the third day, we visit the “yellow city”, Izamal. It’s tremendously interesting to stumble across a pyramid in a modernized city on every corner.

Mayapan is the longest surviving city before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors.

Coba is my personal favorite because of the bike ride. This archaeological site is so big, we could spend a whole day here.

Visiting the Maya jungle village where we make tortillas with Maria, learn about the local language and customs and we get to purchase handmade souvenirs and support a family for an entire month with our visit. BTW, no one else comes here, only the Beyond The Mayans excursion. And there will be more surprises…

Other videos about the area - if you stay after the tour

Puerto Morelos is just 30 km from Playa del Carmen, and I come here when I want the small-town atmosphere. It’s great to snorkel along the coral.

My favorite restaurant in Playa del Carmen – La Cueva del Chango. 

Casa cenote is a sinkhole – or cenote in Mayan – where the sea and underwater freshwater meet. It is wonderful to swim in the mangrove forest and to meet a little crocodile who is very much used to the presence of humans.

I live here in Playa del Carmen every winter and you can see such exciting shows every day in the main square.