Details of the program, hotels, and boarding

Arrive at Cancun Airport in Mexico in the afternoon. Meet & Greet at the airport, meet Stephanie, your guide. Then transfer to the hotel

Free program in the evening. Boarding: None

Breakfast near the hotel, then we depart for Rio Lagartos. This nature reserve is currently one of the most significant and beautiful eco-tourist attractions where we watch crocodiles and wonderful birds by speedboat.

There is also the pink wonder, “Las Coloradas”. It is a natural salt mine where salt is still produced according to Mayan traditions. The color of the water is  a beautiful pink, and the flamingos living there are only culminating in the experience.

Then bathe in the pink lake while we get to know the ancient Maya beauty ritual. Sea salt is an excellent exfoliator, and after body scrubbing, we revitalize ourselves with the mud, which replenishes our skin with a lot of minerals to smooth our wrinkles and make our skin velvety.

Lunch in Rio Lagartos.

Next, we go to the Yucatan Peninsula’s most well-known and most visited tourist destination. The ruins of Chichen Itzá is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but in 2006 it was awarded the title of one of the 7 most recent wonders of the world.

We look at Chichen Itzá’s sites in an unusual way in the dark. When night falls and the black sky is lit only by the stars, then we will sit at the stunning Kukulcan pyramid and discover the mysterious Maya culture in the form of light and sound show projected onto the pyramid.

Free time in the evening. Catering is not included in the package price.

Breakfast at the hotel. Then head back to the Chichen Itzá archaeological site where, because we spent the night in the area, we can arrive early enough to avoid the crowds and the high heat, so you can admire the archeological site’s main attractions and take great photos. Here we are guided by a local tour guide who can provide a wealth of inside information.

Our next stop is the city of Izamal, a beautiful colonial, former Maya city, and a major religious pilgrimage site in both the Mayan era and contemporary Christian culture. The city is also known as the “yellow city” because all its downtown houses are painted yellow. As 3 cultures meet here, it is an amazing experience to walk the streets of a small town and then run into a pyramid around the corner.

We will then have lunch at Izamal and then continue to Uxmal, which was one of the most important cities on the Puuc Route, with almost 20,000 inhabitants at its height.

From here we continue and visit the local Chocolate Museum, where we learn about the famous Mayan chocolate, which we will close with a tasting. Going through the Museum’s exhibit we follow the chocolate-making process, but also get to know the life of the Mayan families.

We close our visit with a traditional Maya ceremony. We’ll continue on our way to today’s end destination, Merida. Merida is the cultural center of the Yucatan Peninsula. Its vibrant artistic life and beautiful colonial downtown make it attractive to tourists. Here in the evenings, you can always run into great programs, so it is worth taking a walk in the Old Town to see what the evening has for us.

Free time in the evening. Catering is not included in the package price.

Breakfast at the hotel and then sightseeing in the old town of Merida. We’ll admire the colorful colonial buildings, enjoy the busy vibes, walk around the city’s main square, the cathedral, and look at the Old Town. Here we will also visit the local market where the locals sell their products. This is an amazing opportunity to get to know the tropical fruits and vegetables of the season and taste some of our new favorites.

Then we continue, our next stop is the archaeological site of Mayapan. The former Maya city, with about 12,000 inhabitants. Chichen Itzá and Uxmal are more commonly known, despite of its majorly important role in archeology. It is one of the most important excavation sites. If you really want to get to know the Maya culture then Mayapan is the place to visit.

Lunch at a typical local restaurant.

Then arrive at San Francisco de Campeche which was one of the first cities founded by the Spanish conquerors on the Yucatan Peninsula, founded in 1540.

One of the very few cities in the American continent surrounded by city walls. Due to its location, this city quickly became the commercial center of the region and accumulated a wealth of its own. The city was made famous by pirates. Famous pirates such as John Hawkins, Francis Drake or Henry Morgan robbed the city for years.

Fed up with the pirate attacks, the locals pulled walls around the city, and thanks to this wall, the city attracted tourist interest, as it kept the old town in its original condition. Preserving a beautiful colonial city, the city wall and old town have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1999.

Free time in the evening. Catering is not included in the package price.

Breakfast at the hotel, then sightseeing in the old town of Campeche. After seeing the main landmarks, we continue our journey. Departure to the archeological site of Edzna, where we will see another significant stage of Maya culture. Edzna deepens our knowledge of the Mayas, raising further questions about this intelligent society.

Then we go on to lunch at a local restaurant. And we continue our journey in the state of Campeche, very close to the Guatemalan border. As we cruise through the Maya jungle, we are gradually exploring the natural treasures.

We pass through the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. This reserve is one of the largest continuous rainforests in America, home to over 86 mammal species, native to 5 of the 6 large breeds of cats living in Mexico. Here you can find Jaguar, Ocelot, Puma, Jaguarundis and Margays. But there are many species of monkeys, including Howler monkeys in large numbers, Tapir, and the home of Tucan and Parrots.

We will stop at Chetumal, already close to Belize, for panoramic sightseeing and then we continue on our way to Bacalar.

Another highlight of our cruise is another natural wonder where we rest. Beyond the Riviera Maya lies a beautiful, secluded, little-known coastal area called ‘Costa Maya’, with natural beaches and rarely visited Maya ruins. Here you will find the Bacalar Lagoon, also known as the 7-color lagoon, because of the beautiful shade of the crystal clear water that plays in the wonderful shades of blue. This hidden gem is a very good example of sustainable tourism.

Today, we have to travel a long distance by bus, through the jungle, so get ready to have snacks, water, and a sweatshirt for a comfortable ride.

Free program in the evening. Catering is not included in the package price.

Throughout the day free time or take our optional boat package which includes lagoon viewing, we’ll look at the planet’s first lifeform, the stromatolites, and cruise along small islands in search of birds.

Lunch in the small town followed by swimming, relaxing and sunbathing at the hotel. For those who enjoy active recreation, this is a great time to try out on-site optional programs. Here you can snorkel, dive, kayak or just relax.

Catering is not included in the package price.

Breakfast at the hotel and then the last day of our active excursion, but not without the GRANDE FINALE!  First we go to Coba to climb the top of the approximately 130 stairs pyramid and enjoy the panoramic view. Coba was also a defining city of Maya culture and played a very influential role. It had the longest paved road network.

From Coba, we continue to visit a Mayan village away from tourist where locals still live by traditions.

We organize our tour in the spirit of sustainable tourism and we feel it is our duty to support the local people. The people in the village live in very modest conditions, so buying souvenirs here will go a long way. A single visit by Beyond The Mayans can provide for a family for a whole month.

We come here because no one else does, and because it is more than just a random village for those of us who organized this excursion. We all rescued puppies to give them a better life. So to us, this is the place where we return to give thanks for our four-legged family members.

Here we hear how the locals speak Maya because only the younger people in the village learned Spanish, and the older generation only understood Maya. And yes, you will learn some phrases too.

Then we visit Maria in the village, who shows us the traditional way of making tortillas, and afterwards we organize a tortilla contest, everyone prepares and bakes their own tortilla. Then we visit the village shaman, who is one – if not the last – of the real Maya shamans. The shaman still speaks the Omaya language and, according to the locals, has real healing power.

We ask him to perform a cleansing-healing ritual for us as his ancestors did. We will also be able to buy herbal-based medicine from his pharmacy.

On the way, we have lunch at a local restaurant. Then we head towards the famous Tulum. Tulum is the queen of the Maya ruins. Its uniqueness lies in its unique location, the only seaside town in Maya.

The arrival at your chosen accommodation in Playa del Carmen. End of tour guide service. Meals: Dinner at the all inclusive hotel.

Free time, relaxation on the beach. Playa del Carmen has many attractions. Evening walks on Quinta Avenida, where there is an endless array of bars, restaurants, and shops. This very European seaside town is the Riviera Maya’s most sought after holiday destination. Not by accident! The city runs along the main street along the coastline with beautiful white sand and azure water so you don’t have to go far to enjoy the Caribbean seashore, and all within walking distance. 

You will have the opportunity to book other optional programs like scuba diving, shaman cleaning, and energy healing-coaching with Stephanie. 

Free time in the morning. Check out from the hotel by noon. Hotel services are available until departure. For an additional fee, a “Late check out” service is available on site. Transfer to Cancun Airport in the afternoon. Leave individually, without tour guide service.

Have a good trip home!

Let me start by saying, please don’t blindly believe a word you read here, but be open to new experiences. Why do I say that? Because without personal exerience there cannot be a valid opinion and without openness, there cannot be learning.

I practice an energy healing method called Prananadi, or Tibetan New Method and I use it with my clients for deeper healing.

Firstly: Imagine what it’d be like to not have to take a pill every time your head hurts, your throat hurts, your back hurts…the body is trying to communicate with you, but because this is not something we learn in school, we must learn to read the messages of the body later on. Now it’s time to be more aware and keep the body & mind healthy without chemicals.

You and I are going to agree on a location (beach – hotel – my garden) where for 45 minutes, you’ll be receiving energy healing – Tibetan New Method.

The energy will raise your vibrations so your healing can begin and based on what you and I feel, we’ll know what is your first emotional block we must work on.

Pain is your soul’s way of trying to let you know that something is not balanced, so you’ll learn how to be more conscious about your body and therefore what’s happening inside you.

Secondly: After the energy, we’ll be discussing your experience and the coaching will begin. If meditation is more appropriate based on the results of the energy healing, we’ll move onto that. because coaching is working with the conscious, and meditation will work with your subconscious.


For more information please contact me, but this program can be booked during the excursion as well where I can tell you all about the method in person.

Duration: 2-2:30 hours

Location: Beach or your hotel or my garden

Price:  $120

Can be paid in advance or during the excursion.


All-inclusive accommodation options for the last 2 days


The package includes the last 2 days all-inclusive boarding. Breakfast is at or near the hotel, lunch is always served at an authentic, traditional restaurant, and dinner is again at or around the hotel, but they are paid individually.

We will frequently taste and snack local foods, so the experience has shown that dinner is often skipped due to a full-day snack and a generous lunch.