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Discover the Mayan mysticism far from mass tourism Beyond The Mayans

An incredibly unique 9-day excursion of the jungle. Together, we explore the ancient Maya spirituality, learn about how they view the world while you are getting to know yourself more.

Safe – Deep – Unique – Exclusive

Sneak peak - Videos

Live check-ins from some of the locations, just for you to see where we’re going together.

Why so unique?

We move away from the usual routes to get a glimpse into the real Mexico. We visit mystical, spiritual places and a special surprise where shamanic wonders happen. Also to keep the experience personal, the group sizes are very limited.

Program details

This whole adventure is following the philosophy of staying away from the noise to hear our inner world. So we’re going to put on the shoes of a backpacker, who tends to discover less-visited paths. On top, we will explore the so-called “must-do” wonders from a unique angle as well.

Who is leading the adventure?

Technical information

Preparations, vaccinations, getting there, safety, weather, meals, money, accommodations, visas and everything you need to know before the excursion.

Your investment

Everything you need to know about costs of optional programs, meals, airfare, and the excursion.

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Excursions are organized by

Marysol Travel Services is an Incoming Tour Operator with a Cuban headquarters and a representative office in Mexico to provide Caribbean travel services to various destinations. 

Marysol Travel organizes trips directly from the location, from Cuba and Mexico, with appropriate local knowledge and direct links to local service providers. Thus, its programs are authentic, but the services are of European quality.


VOLVO TRUCKS Eastern-Central Europe: 450 pax (Slovakia, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Hungary) – 2018. November-January

RECHEIO CASH & CARRY: 600 pax (Portugal) – 2019. November

NORTHREIN – WESTFAILEN Architecture (SOUTH GERMAN ACRCHITECT CAMARA): 300 pax/year in 2014., 2015., 2016.

Tamás Nagy, the sales director of Marysol Travel is also the Chapter President of the Cuba division.