My Seven Worlds Travel Career

When the job serves you and not the other way around

  • If you want to have a location free job
  • If you want to have extra income on the side
  • If you never want to go back to an office
  • If you want to make money while at home with the baby
  • If you want to have recognition
  • If you want to go on vacation whenever you want
  • If you want to spend more time with your family
  • If you want to make a difference
  • If you want self-development and achievements

Royalty-like income

When you end the classic time-equals-money concept and enter the gradually less-time-more-money realty

Community & Development

You get to educate yourself, strengthen your skills, acquire new ones by following the exact recipe to success proved by a large community who are already living their dreams.

Recognition & Freedom

With this opportunity, your work never goes unappreciated. Also, there are no limits to what you can accomplish. Play by your rules and create your definition of freedom.

Success stories

travelution success story

Melinda Németh

travelutioner since 2018

“I’m the mother to 2 little boys and I never would have imaged that someday I will have a job that allows me to work whenever I want from home. My kids don’t even notice that I pay attention to anything else but them. The cherry on top that I get to help people to afford a lot more vacations than before and I help my colleagues to reach their goals. I love being part of this amazing community.”


Mrs Mónika Vincze Szemmánné

travelutioner since 2015

“About 5 years ago I was bothered by the limitations of my job, never having time for what I really wanted, and not having enough money to live the life I wanted. My dream was to live a life people can take as an example of how to free themselves as well as exploring the world’s beauty. I’m walking this path now and I love it.”

My Seven Worlds Utazás

Péter Pálmai

travelutioner since 2016

“I’m the father to 2 children, I worked as an employee and as an entrepreneur too. I lived and worked in Spain and Germany. I was constantly thinking about what I should be doing that brings me success, freedom and it could offer me the most to my children. I tried many things until a friend of mine introduced me to Travelution. Thanks to this opportunity I was finally able to move home, spend time with my kids and I developed in human relationships, financials and the number of travels I’ve done.”

My Seven Worlds Utazás


Travelutioner since 2018

“My whole life it’s been my dream to help people and make them smile while building a happy and successful future for me and my family. Often I faced challenges. I had financial problems but always learned from my mistakes and not listened to others. My ideas for a career were just different from normal. It seemed hopeless to ever reach these dreams, is I kept dreaming from abroad. The Travelution project made it happen for me to move home and accomplish all the goals I dreamt about for many years.”