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What is My Seven Worlds Travel?

Did you know that tourism has now grown into the fourth largest industry? Today over 1 billion people travel abroad, not counting domestic vacations. 

Despite the large numbers, experts have noticed that it is difficult for a lot of people to save money for traveling because it always goes to something else. As well as, a huge crowd takes up bank loans in order to afford a vacation.

The Swiss company Fireflies, with whom we are contracted, decided to give everyone the opportunity to travel. People spend 45+ years working over their lives and these people deserve to rest and recharge. That’s why they created a database where 900+ touristic wholesaler suppliers compete against each other for the lowest prices and you as a traveler can book your trip directly from them. So you will be given the low prices for hotels, airfare, transfers, car rentals and tickets. They specialize in accommodation mainly.

How does it work? Imagine when you go to a website where you can book accommodation. These websites are contracted with 1-2 suppliers so they can’t go below a certain price. They will put their commission on this supplier’s price and then sell you the trip at retail prices.

Normally the wholesaler buys hotel capacity in bulk and whatever if can’t sell to the retailer is collected by our partner and sold for a much lower rate to ensure no rooms stays empty.

And this is the global database you can get access to.

Let’s say you will be your own travel agency for you and your family. We are here to help you get started, we assess your needs, we offer you the most suitable services and travel balances, we are there with you for the first booking, we answer all your questions, show you the frequent traveler discount programs and anything you need in order to book trips confidently and cheaper than ever. In addition, the company also provides you with a 10,000,000 Swiss francs liability insurance, so you will never be stuck abroad anything would happen to them.
Book everything in one place so that you only need to call one customer service. No need to look for contact info for each airline if you missed your flight, no ringing phones without answer if you call your agency at midnight, just call our customer services 24/7 and they will take care of everything.

Fireflies values its travelers, so it provides a number of ways you can get extra discounts, it takes problem-solving off your shoulders and allows you to book wholesaler price trips not only for yourself but for anyone you know. My Seven Worlds Travel was created to give you all the information to get started and tailor the products and services to your need.

And who is behind My Seven Worlds Travel? Briefly about me – at the age of 20, I quit university, went abroad to experience thee workforce. I lived in 5 countries, I worked in well-paying, well-sounding professions, but I wasn’t happy. I did not live my own freedom, but tried to meet the expectations of others.

In 2014 I begin my 4th year of sleep paralysis, insomnia, and finally depression. I had to decide how to continue. So I did. I pulled out my backpack from the wardrobe, left my life behind, and hitchhiked a sailboat. I crossed the Atlantic Ocean and I was reborn as a travel blogger.

You can read more about me HERE.


Don’t just dream about traveling the world, but make it your reality.

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