Round Trip on the Yucatan, Mexico 10 days/9 nights WINTER 2017/18.

My name is Stephanie, famous European life coach, nomad traveler and the creator of the My Seven Worlds brand. The brand stands for personal development through stepping outside of the comfort zone, dare to swim against the current in order to learn about the self. My Seven Worlds had inspired thousands of people and lead to countless success stories by playing a major role in the realization of endless possibilities and dreaming big thought life coaching.

Traveling is a lifelong experience. The Beyond The Mayans is an adventurous journey led by me that embodies the My Seven Worlds philosophy.This new concept is the very first of its kind on the market! As an adventurer, I convey a lifestyle and attitude that represents limitlessness, freedom, and happiness.

During this new concept round trip, you are not only going to discover parts of the Yucatan that is exclusively accessible through Beyond The Mayans, but you will also visit the must-see sites like only a handful of people did before while staying at comfortable hotels with the flexibility to tailor some of them to your own taste and with the exclusive use of air-conditioned buses for our groups.


Roundtrip package 8 days / 7 nights WINTER 2017/18.

Mexico is the largest country in Central America. It is a huge and diverse country, which is one of the most interesting and attractive tourist destinations in Central America thanks to its diverse surface, geographic features and the abundance of cultures. The Yucatan Peninsula is one of the most popular and safest destinations in Mexico. Here you can find beautiful colonial cities, cultural attractions, and mysterious as well as impressive civilizations, Maya and Toltec culture memorials, Maya bastions and Maya pyramids, and many preserved cultural and religious monuments. We are acquainted with the mighty world of Mayas and their unusual ancient rituals. The azure, crystal clear sea and the snow-white sandy beaches are a great place to rest after sightseeing, and our convenience is served by a wide range of all inclusive hotels on the Riviera Maya Riviera all the way to the beautiful coastline of Playa del Carmen, which has a vibrant night life and also offers a variety of programs. Beach vacation can be extended on extra nights!


Yucatan Round trip 8 days/7 nights WINTER 2017/18.

This is a special program for those who wish to travel not only to the Yucatan Peninsula but also to the south-eastern part of this giant country, who want to know the greatest civilization of all time and like the unique programs that leave the usual tourist routes. Our tour leads to the hidden places that stay uncovered to most tourists. Our unique program explores the hidden treasures of the Yucatan Peninsula, recognizing not only the Maya culture and history but also the natural attractions of the region are part of our program. Meanwhile, our trip leads through the beautiful colonial cities of Merida, Chicanna, Campeche and Valladolid getting to know local people's lives. At the same time, let us spice up our local road to get to know some Mexican specialties. Our comprehensive program is on the magnificent sandy beach of Maya Riviera, where the azure sea and all inclusive hotels in our offer will serve as a great place to rest after a massive cruise. Playa del Carmen's beautiful coastline offers many additional programs.