-So you are unemployed since December 2015?

-I was taking a very intense course in communication, marketing, shooting and editing videos, writing, negotiating, problem-solving, team building and leading, event management and organisation…etc.

A nomad’s resume in today’s world is one of the most valuable for me. Since these people are constantly facing different challenges, they interact with the world, learn about it, they observe reality, they share, teach and develop themselves.

What contributed to my personality on the road?

If an employer asked me if I’m unemployed since December 2015, I would say; exactly the opposite. I have never been so over employed like right now. I work 12 hour days without weekends. And I wouldn’t be lying. But what does it mean to work? No, I don’t go in an office at 8 and play Candy Crush for the first half of the day, I don’t take an hour and half long lunch breaks and I don’t complain about the low pay. I get paid nothing for my work in four different jobs.

So why then? Because I feel like I’m attending the university of life. This is not more expensive than regular uni, I would argue what I’m doing is way cheaper than attending school in the US for example. Here I actually learn critical thinking, I learn to analyze situations, I stand on both feet when an unexpected problem appears, I find solutions to everything (no doesn’t exist), I learnt to stay calm under a lot of pressure, I dare to change, and I never settle for anything less than 110%.
15826391_10211326841877910_186219920283587295_nFurthermore, I stopped judging what I don’t know. There are too many people who base their opinion purely on TV and the internet, and they are confident about reality. In my opinion, without more research and personal experience, they have no idea what they are talking about.

Maybe I don’t learn Calculus on the road, but I really fucking don’t need it. And I argued that at uni where I had to learn it, but no one cared about it. I told the school there are plenty of other ways to teach us logic, logical thinking, to develop our brain and thinking processes. It wasn’t economy math that taught me how to think logically, it was travelling the world and gaining personal experience in a wide range of topics, and activities.

Higher education vs. The world

Of course, there is no comparison, and don’t get me wrong I would not try to become a heart surgeon, a lawyer or a teacher on the road. I’m not talking about the content and job specific techniques. I’m talking about the principals and fundamentals of education. It suppose to prepare us for life, yet I felt I was wasting my time and money attending uni in Hungary. I’m aware that this is a location dependent problem, other countries have way better education, but the system where I came from disappointed me.

I can read books and fill out tests at home for free, I don’t need to pay good money and listen to someone summarising a book. This is why I never obtained the paper. I wasn’t going to school for the paper anyway, I was there for preparation, but it was torture. I grew up listening to everyone telling how I will grow up fast, and become an adult putting myself through higher education. I will learn about life and my brain will become a thinking machine. But then, how the hell could I pass a test while cheating? Life can’t be cheated! Yet, I passed every time knowing nothing about it. I was promised a lot of great opportunities at the end, but all I saw was more language exams, master degree, more papers and demands. So I was going to be 23-25 when I can finally taste reality? No way in hell I was going to wait for that long.

It scared the crap out of me to waste my time at an institution that disappointed me since I wasn’t planning on becoming anyone who badly needs a paper like doctors, lawyers and so on. So I learnt to sell myself. I thought if I can sell a college dropout to big names like Procter & Gamble and the University of Oxford, surely I can sell anything to anyone. So I challenged myself more and more until I finally saw the results and the investment started to pay dividends.

It was worth pissing my parents off when I dropped out since now they can see there is always an alternative route to get to the destination. Surely with paper, it’s easier because it’s highly accepted. But taking the more difficult road requires focus and determination, maybe a bit more than at uni. At least, that’s how I experienced it. I decided to start with a disadvantage, so I had to work twice as hard to compensate for never getting my diploma. Laziness was a privilege of the graduated kids.

The school of life

I never understood what people meant under the school of life before. Looking back, I made the right call when I got off the beaten path, to try my luck elsewhere. I’m 28 years old right now, and I’m living the life most people are jealous of. At 28. I didn’t need zeros on my bank account and a huge car to be successful.

I get job offers every single day, and not because I’m better than others and not because I do a better job than others. It is because anything I do, I do with passion. Maybe I never started a company, but I started my life time and time again in a different country, and that takes just as much effort and drive. I have a thirst for challenge and success, and this is why people offer me jobs. They want to enhance the power of my fire. And that was not taught at university. That was life.

Although17092262_10211840459158021_405656848_n I didn’t have to choose this path to get to where we are all going, I didn’t need to leave the crowd, but by leaving, it was almost like getting out of the long line for regulars and getting in the priority lane. Where people pay to get better seats, where they think they deserve to choose first, where they deserve more comfort and better treatment. There are millions of ways to reach the same goal, but skipping ahead of the line made my journey so much more valuable than I pictured.

I honestly believe I graduated from life and I proudly hang the diploma for everyone to see. And luckily more and more people accept it as a formal credential.

What I learnt from all this, is that we don’t need to know the ’how’, just the ’where’. And I don’t mean anything specific to the detail, just an outline of the goal. I change my goal every month, but one thing stays the general shape. I started by convincing myself that I deserve the life I want, I deserve anything I want. I know how successful, how famous and how rich I would like to be. What I’m going to do to get there or what it is exactly? Not a clue. But I know how it makes me feel and that’s enough to power the engine. The fire inside thrives for success, for fame and for money. Because I deserve them. And you?

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