I had another important lesson in life. My image of success was not entirely complete. It’s always easier to appreciate the other’s life as an outside observer, but since I’m the one living my own life, it’s hard to judge my own. It’s human nature to see yourself in a better light because we all think we’re different than the average.

How many times do we start with the sentence that the kind of person who… I don’t understand that anyone can act like this… I can do it myself…

The naked truth

I’ve always been aware of how lucky I was to have been born into a loving family, but a few days ago, someone showed me what an advantage it is. It is difficult to look at my own life as an external observer, which is why I am so open to sharing and listen to another opinion.

First of all, I’ve developed the environment in which everyone’s opinions matter. I don’t have friends anymore who form an argument based on no personal experience.

The gift

I didn’t just write my success on my own account, but I had no idea just how much others played a role in it. I forgot I had a competitive advantage. I started with a loving family, with financial support and an inherited extrovert “go-getter” personality type. So it does matter where you start. I started a 300-foot run from 60.

I got an incredible gift. Although for years some parts of it were hiding within even when I was pushing my limits under pressure when left each job and each country.

I wouldn’t have come to this conclusion on my own if I hadn’t told my conversation partner how proud I felt of my

 success. I was the one taking advantage of every opportunity that crossed my way, but I forgot I started ahead of some of my competitors. I thought if my parents didn’t provide everything, if we didn’t live abroad, if they couldn’t get me into jobs, then I’m not privileged, but that’s not true. We did it together with my family and friends.

If my dad wasn’t so reckless and adventurous, if my mom wasn’t so loving and driven, if they didn’t put me through good schools I wouldn’t be where I am right now. I needed my courage to bring my gift to another level, but success is not just mine. If I don’t take the chance, if I don’t act then the help means nothing. And if I tried alone without any help, I would have only fought for survival.

The support doesn’t just give me spiritual strength, but it’s a feedback loop. Who to turn to when it gets difficult.

I knew I didn’t get here alone, but now I know just how blessed I was to have the right environment to grow in. It does make my success feel less, it feels more. I’m glad I’ve had so many taking part in this. And still, there is an army supporting me and helping on my journey. Including you. My readers. The blog without you is just a journal in the drawer.


I’ve met many examples on the way, who hasn’t been so privileged and yet they are way ahead of me. So I’ve learned that anyone who starts from zero can get to the goal before those who started the run at feet 60. They had a different drive.

A step ahead or not, I learned that it’s possible to make dreams come true. Thank you to everyone who contributed to my dreams.