Round Trip on the Yucatan, Mexico - brand new concept of its kind 10 days/9 nights WINTER 2017/18.

My name is Stephanie, famous European life coach, nomad traveler and the creator of the My Seven Worlds brand. The brand stands for personal development through stepping outside of the comfort zone, dare to swim against the current in order to learn about the self. My Seven Worlds had inspired thousands of people and lead to countless success stories by playing a major role in the realization of endless possibilities and dreaming big thought life coaching. 

Traveling is a lifelong experience. The Beyond The Mayans is an adventurous journey led by me that embodies the My Seven Worlds philosophy.This new concept is the very first of its kind on the market! As an adventurer, I convey a lifestyle and attitude that represents limitlessness, freedom, and happiness. 

During this new concept round trip, you are not only going to discover parts of the Yucatan that is exclusively accessible through Beyond The Mayans, but you will also visit the must-see sites like only a handful of people did before while staying at comfortable hotels with the flexibility to tailor some of them to your own taste and with the exclusive use of air-conditioned buses for our groups.

The round trip contains elements of life coaching as well. Adventure traveling had been the main source of my personal journey which is why I will share stories of the highlights of that journey. For example, hitchhiking a boat and crossing the Atlantic ocean or scuba diving with crocodiles at night and sharks to defeat fears and overcome challenges. 

Each challenge was a life lesson learned and this is what My Seven Worlds is about. Sharing our story with others to learn from one another and showing an example. 

The Beyond The Mayans goal is to expand the horizon of an individual in a new culture and within the self. 

This personalized experience represents sustainability, adventure, openness, nature's love and close proximity to others. The Beyond The Mayans is just as much about the country of Mexico as it is about an internal journey.

One of my mottos are that the development begins where the comfort zone ends! I would like to recommend this program to everyone who loves to do something else than others, to do and see something new and who does not mind to step outside of their own shadow! An excellent program for couples, friends or business groups.

The brand My Seven Worlds represent a sincere and positive voice about self-seeking and self-development for those who believe it is never too late to improve, explore and grow while having an amazing time in beautiful, tropical Mexico!

1 night Playa del Carmen + 1 night Chichen Itza + 1 night Merida + 1 night Campeche + 1 night Calakmul + 2 nights Bacalar Lagoon + 2 nights Riviera Maya Package includes:

7 nights accommodation during the excursion in hotels (local 4 *) and 2 nights on Riviera Maya at direct beachfront all inclusive hotel in standard rooms or accommodation type of your choice. Indicate your needs before booking. We guarantee a category during the excursion, depending on the capacity of each hotel. Package includes breakfast. Optional lunch during the program ($ 150, - USD / person surcharge can be booked separately). Dinner individually (in hotels there is A'la carte dining facilities). During the seaside vacation the hotel packages are all inclusive unless you request otherwise. Collective transfer (in / out), exclusive transfer during the excursion with air-conditioned buses or passenger cars, depending on the number of people. Program is lead by famous European life coach and adventure traveler Stephanie from My Seven Worlds Life Coaching. Meet & Greet arriving at the airport. Representative office in Playa del Carmen, where our English and Spanish speaking colleagues are at your service! Telephone assistance in English and Spanish. In case of an emergency 24-hour telephone service available! The package does not include: International Flights, Exit Tax, Insurance, Local Taxes (cca.3 usd / room / night depending on hotel). Meals not included in the package (lunch / dinner). Costs of optional programs, tips, other services not included in the offer.


1. Day Arrival/Accommodation: Playa del Carmen

Arrival in Mexico, Cancun Airport in the afternoon. Meet & Greet at the airport, meeting with Stephanie. Then transfer to the hotel. Occupy rooms. In the evening, free program.
Board: None

2. Day Accommodation: Chichen Itzá

Playa del Carmen – Rio Lagartos – Chichen Itzá

Breakfast is near the hotel and we will head for the first stop of our excursion to the North of the Yucatan Peninsula to Rio Lagartos, in the province of Tizim, or in "Holkoben", in ancient Mayan language. Rio Lagartos was named after the Spanish conquerors that came here seeking freshwater only to find this area on a terrestrial river (which is very rare in the Yucatan Peninsula). Inside the river, they only realized that it was habited by numerous crocodiles, so they named it a "crocodile river", or "Rio Lagartos".

This nature conservation area is currently one of the most prominent and most beautiful eco-tourist attractions. Our first day is dedicated to the natural beauty of the Yucatan Peninsula. The Rio Lagartos region is not only famous for crocodiles, but also for the pink miracle, "Las Coloradas". A salt mine with a conventional method, where it is still produced according to the maya tradition, and then the salt is dried on the sun. Along with the huge pink salt hills, the shoreline pours water into beautiful pink colors thanks to the minerals released from the salt. Due to the same mineral the flamingo colony who lives here is painted the same shade of pink. The sight is simply magnificent.

From Rio Lagartos to Las Colorados we get a speedboat on the way to admire the local flora and fauna and to see the hundreds of endemic birds from numerous species nesting here. Then we will bathe in the pink lake, while we will get acquainted with the ancient maya beauty ritual that we can try. The sea salt is an exfoliating substance, followed by sludge in the pond after the body scrubbing, which fills up with lots of minerals, smoothing our wrinkles and turns our skin velvety. After indulging, we head back to Rio Lagartos, where we have our optional lunch at a local restaurant, tasting delicious seafood. After lunch, drive to Chichen Itza. Arrive early in the evening.

Chichen Itza, the best-known on the Yucatan Peninsula, is the second most visited historic site of tourists in Mexico. Chichen Itzá is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it also won the title of one of the 7 Wonders of the World in 2006. Its worldwide reputation and popularity is not a coincidence. The former large city over 11.5 mi2 has reached its peak in 950 BC. At this time, Chichen Itzá became Central America’s largest mythic city ever, and one of the most important centers of the Kukulkan cult. Much of Kukulkan's monuments appears like a “Feathery- snake" or in mayan “Queztalcoatl".

Chichen Itza's main attraction is the Kukulkan pyramid. But we are going to visit the sight in an unusual way, in the darkness of the night. When the night comes and the pyramids are illuminated only by the stars, we will be sitting at the stunning Kukulkan pyramid, the mystical and mysterious Maya culture will be explained with a light and sound show which only a few tourists know about. The sight is astonishingly beautiful, the history of the Maya will rise before our eyes, creating the former city. Then we will depart and arrive at our hotel. Occupy rooms. In the evening, free program.

Board: Breakfast near the accommodation. Optional: lunch during the program, dinner at the hotel's A'la carte restaurant, not included in the package.

3. Day Accommodation: Merida

Chichen Itzá – Izamal - Uxmal – Merida

Breakfast at the hotel. Then head back to the archaeological area of Chichen Itza where thanks to the fact that we spent the night locally, we can arrive early enough to avoid the crowd and the great heat, so we can admire the main attractions of the archaeological area and make excellent photos. The most famous monuments of the city are found on the North side of the Main Square. From here, the "El Castillo" pyramid rises in the middle, with its 9 level tops being guarded by columns of Feathery Snake.

Amongst a complex of buildings known as the Apache is a circular building called Caracol (snail) that worked as a star examiner. The "Temple of Warriors", "Color House", "Bone House" (Tomb of the High Priest), "Ballroom Game", "Temple of Jaguars", "Ritual Cenote" or "Holy Well", also list a lot of attractions. Our next stop is Izamal. It is a beautiful colonial small town and a former Mayan city, and a major religious pilgrimage site in the Mayan era as in today's Christian culture. The city is also known as the "yellow city" as all the houses in the city center was painted in yellow. Here is the San Antonio de Padua, built on a former Maya church of "Pop-hol-Chac". This has the second largest inner courtyard in the world. But there are many other pyramids in the city. It is an astonishing experience to walk through the streets of the colonial small town and then suddenly run into a pyramid around the corner. And that can happen to us often in Izamal. The city is also called the "city of three cultures", as there are three cultures, ancient Maya, colonial and contemporary.

A peaceful small town, bustling main square, local merchants, beautiful buildings, Maya pyramids, all in one place. It is not difficult to fall in love with this small town. We'll have lunch in Izamal and head for Uxmal. Here we visit the archaeological area first. Uxmal was one of the most significant cities on the Puuc route, with nearly 20,000 people in its heyday. Here you can get to know the typical Puuc architecture style. It’s easy to recognize the Puuc style as the sides of the bottom of the pyramids are completely flat and only one third of the pyramids are decorated. This new architectural solution has made it much more stable, creating somewhat more spacious interiors.

The most important building of Uxmal is the Pyramid of the Wizard, which was built on an existing pyramid, rising to a height of 115 feet above the city. The city of Uxmal was devoted to the Chac God, the God of Rain. The rain had great significance in the city, as unlike other Mayan cities, Uxmal did not have a cenote (natural sinkhole) but they collected rainwater in a number of cisterns in the city. The Uxmal archaeological area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Uxmal was completely populated between 1441 and 1541. After seeing the main attractions of Uxmal (Governor's Palace, Turtle House, Great Pyramid, Pigeons Temple), we go to the local Chocolate Museum where we get to know the famous Maya chocolate that we get to taste. Hot-spicy Maya chocolate refreshes the body and soul. Following the Museum's exhibition, we follow the process of making chocolate, but we also get acquainted with the lives of Maya families.

Our visit ends with a traditional Maya ceremony. We will continue our journey towards our destination, Merida. Merida is the cultural center of the Yucatan peninsula. Its vibrant art life, its beautiful colonial downtown makes it attractive to tourists. In the evening, there is always something to do we will take a stroll in the old town that night, looking at what's going on for us that evening. Check in. In the evening, free program.

Board: Breakfast in the hotel. Optional: Lunch during the program, dinner at the hotel's A'la carte restaurant not included in the package.

4. Day Accommodation: Campeche

Merida – Mayapan – Oxkutzab - San Francisco de Campeche

Breakfast in the hotel and then sightseeing in Merida's Old Town. We will admire colorful colonial buildings; look at the busy town’s local foot traffic. Merida was a mainly textile commerce city, which is still the dominant commercial and economic center of the Yucatan Peninsula. The city was founded in 1542 and it is both ancient and contemporary. Ruins, haciendas and cathedrals, art galleries, museums, restaurants and boutiques spice up the moods. We will look at the main square of a city, a cathedral, and the old town.

We will continue to the Mayapán archaeological site. The popularity of this site is suppressed by Chichen Itzá and Uxmal. Yet archeologically speaking this is one of the most significant excavation areas. If you want to know the Maya culture, then Mayapán is the place to visit. According to its archeological richness, the Mayan city lasted for the longest time before the arrival of the Spanish conquerors, so it is still a rich source of information for archaeologists. Mayapán had a large city wall with about 12,000 inhabitants, but another 5,000 inhabitants lived outside the 5.6 mile long wall. About 4000 buildings and 26 cenotes are located in Mayapan, so there is plenty to study there. The influence of Chichen Itza’s style of architecture is the absolutely perceptible in Mayapán's style, its main pyramid is the reduced version of the Kukulkan pyramid. The walls of the buildings represent battle scenes and the cult of death.

Following our journey, our next stop is the Oxcut City. It is a small town, approx. 30 thousand, mostly with Maya residents. It's a good idea to get a glimpse into the lives of locals. The area is typically engaged in agriculture, producing tropical fruits, mainly citrus, avocado, mango, papaya and mamey. Here, we will visit a local market where locals sell their produce. We can get to know the tropical fruits and vegetables of the season buy a few for tasting and fill our bags with our favorites. Then, on the road again, continuing to the South further on the Yucatan Peninsula.

Our destination is San Francisco de Campeche, where we will spend the rest of the day. On the way, lunch at a local typical restaurant. San Francisco de Campeche is one of the first cities built by Spanish invaders on the Yucatan Peninsula, the founders of the city in 1540. This is one of the few cities on the American continent that was surrounded by a city wall. Not for no reason. Due to its location in San Francisco de Campeche, it quickly became the commercial center of the region and has accumulated enough wealth. Piracy made it really famous.

Worldwide known pirates robbed the city frequently like John Hawkins, Francis Drake, or Henry Morgan. The history of the city's pirates are stretched so far, no one knows when it started. If you like these stories, then you are at the right place. The city had just about enough of the constant robberies and that’s why the all was built and this ‘monument’ started attached modern tourism. Because of the wall’s protection the city kept its original state and remained prehistoric. It is a beautiful colonial city, the city wall and the old town became part of the the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999.

Check in. In the evening, free program. Board: Breakfast in the hotel. Optional: Lunch during the program, dinner at the hotel's A'la carte restaurant not included in the package.

5. Day Accommodation: Calakmul

Campeche – Edzna – Calakmul Bioszféra Rezervátum

Breakfast at the hotel and sightseeing in Campeche's Old Town, we will admire neo-Baroque and Moorish-style buildings and brightly painted houses. Then continue our journey after seeing the main sights to the archaeological area of Edzna, where we find another station of Maya culture. Edzna's name means "The House of Itza", which allowed the archeologists to infer that they were under the influence of the Itzá family, had earlier established Chichen Itzá.

Approximately 25,000 people lived in the 9.6 mi2 area, almost half as much as in Coba. Edzna deepens our knowledge of the Mayans, raising further questions about this intelligent society. Edzna lies in a valley, so the area is damp with high humidity, which was not pleasant for the locals. Therefore, a large drainage system was built, part of which led to water reserves and the other part fed the irrigation system, creating rich lands, but also a system of protection from the 13 main channels, 31 sub-channels and 84 water reserves. In the center of Edzna, you can see the "Great Acropolis", which includes the Sun Point and the Five Level Castle, which rises with its five stories up to a height of 131 feet, the "Knife Platform" and the "Masquerade Temple".

After visiting the site we go ahead and have lunch at a local restaurant. We will continue our journey in Campeche, very close to the Guatemalan border. Our destination is the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve. On our tour, after the Maya bushes, we gradually move inland to discovering the natural treasures. The Calakmul Biosphere Reserve is one of the largest contiguous rainforests in America that hosts more than 86 species of mammals, including 5 native species of 6 large cats in Mexico, the Jaguar, Ocelot, Puma, Jaguarundis and Margays. But there are a lot of monkey species here as well, including the Howler monkeys in large numbers, Tapir, and the home of the Tucan and Parrots.

The rainforest is heavily threatened by the growing number of population, and the animal population is decimated by local hunters. At present, however, we can still enjoy this tropical jungle in full splendor. Our accommodation will be in the rainforest Eco Lodge. After arriving we can listen to the rainforest sounds and feel the energies of nature around us.

Check in. In the evening, free program. Board: Breakfast in the hotel. Optional: Lunch during the program, dinner at the hotel's A'la carte restaurant not included in the package.

6. Day Accommodation: Bacalar

Calakmul – Chetumal – Bacalar Lagoon

Early breakfast in the hotel and then making our way into the rainforest. We will learn about local flora and fauna such as endemic bird species. Hopefully we will be lucky enough to see more of them, it is not uncommon to stumble across a variety of species. We will arrive in Calakmul and make our way through the jungle as deep in the rainforest lay the ruins of an ancient Maya city, Calakmul. Calakmul Biosphere Reserve and Calakmul Archaeological Site itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2002.

Possibility to visit the Calakmul Museum, which is a good starting point for our visit, as here you can get an overview of the area, architecture, but also the local flora and fauna. The town of Calakmul existed for nearly 1200 years (550 – 900BC) and its population reached 50,000 and the city's size is close to 27 mi2. And just a small part of this is open to the general public, but more than 6,500 buildings have been discovered so far. So a Mayan super power once had a great influence in the area, but like all super powers, so as Calakmul had its rivals, the Tikal of Guatemala. Calakmul's largest pyramid is more than 147 feet high, and from the top we can see into Guatemala, as we are only 22 miles from the border. Then we will continue to the Chetumal town near Belize.

On the way, we have our lunch at a local restaurant. In Chetumal we do a panoramic sightseeing tour of the city's main attractions: Plaza de Bandera, Governor's Palace, Parque Renacimiento. And then we'll look at the Maya Museum, which is interesting because, unlike other museums, miniaturized versions of the largest pyramids and buildings in the era are exhibited, so we can imagine what these buildings looked like in their original splendor. It also contributes greatly to the understanding of the archaeological sites, and a better grasp of this incredible, advanced and powerful civilization that lived here, which is still full of secrets. For example, it is not clear what caused their sudden decline and the depopulation of these mighty cities, so far, only guessing is being done. Then we will continue our journey to Bacalar, where we will be staying that night. Another highlight of our tour is another natural wonder where we can rest.

Over the Riviera Maya lies a beautiful, secluded, small coastal part of the Costa Maya, where natural beaches and rarely visited Maya ruins stretch out. Here lies the Bacalar Lagoon, which is also known as the 7-color lagoon, because the crystal clear water plays in beautiful shade of blue. A hidden pearl, a well-kept treasure, a very good example of sustainable tourism. Here we will relax.

Check in. In the evening, free program. Board: Breakfast in the hotel. Optional: Lunch during the program, dinner at the hotel's A'la carte restaurant which is not included in the package.

7. Day Accommodation: Bacalar

All day free program. Swimming, relaxation, sunbathing on the beach. Rest and enjoy the beautiful Bacalar before we head to the jungle.

Those who enjoy active recreational programs, this will be a good time to try out on-site optional programs. Here you can snorkel, dive, kayak, go on motorbike tours. Or just lay on the beach and practice the "art of nothingness"!

Board: Breakfast in the hotel. Optional: Lunch, dinner in one of the restaurants of the A'la carte restaurant or neighborhood which are not included in the package.

8. Day Accommodation: Playa del Carmen

Bacalar Lagoon – Coba – Tulum – Playa del Carmen

Breakfast at the hotel and then departure for the last day of our excursion, which has a lot of surprises. First, we are going to Coba to climb to the top of the pyramid of about 130 steps and enjoy the panorama. Coba was also a decisive city for the Maya culture, it had a very influential role. Interestingly, it had the longest paved road network. Going further from Coba, we visit a Maya village that has been isolated from tourists.

We organize our tour in the spirit of sustainable tourism, so we encourage the support of local residents by bringing gifts. In the village, people live in very modest conditions, stop and shop for families from basic food, assembling a small gift package and donate it to them not just to help, but also to thank them they let us interrupt their isolated life. We bring beans, sugar, rice, biscuits and coffee. In exchange for these, a Maya family will allow us to look at how they live, how they cook, what they eat; they usually offer us a tasting. Here we can observe how Mayans speak, hear their unique language because in the village only the younger ones learned Spanish, the older generation speaks only Mayan, which is not similar to Spanish in any way.

Then we will visit Maria in the village that will show us the traditional Maya tortilla making, then we will organize a tortilla making contest, everyone will prepare, cook and eat their own tortillas. Then we will visit the village shaman, one of the last - if not the last one - real Mayan shamans. The shaman speaks the language of Oman and according to locals he has a real healing power. We ask you to carry out a cleansing and healing ceremony with him, as his ancestors did. Then we thank the locals by purchasing one or two souvenirs from handmade crafts, supporting them and back to civilization. On the way, we dine at a local restaurant. Then we head for the famous Tulum. Tulum is the queen of Maya bastions. Its uniqueness comes from its location, this is the only beach built Mayan city. We will see the "El Castillo" or "Castle", Tulum's highest building, the "Temple of Frescoes" decorated with serpents, fish, and sea animals, and the "Temple of the Sun Gods" built in Maya architecture in the very heart of “Templo de Dios del Viento".

We will continue our journey to the seaside resort after the bustling cemetery. Arrival to the selected accommodation. End of tour guide service. Board: Breakfast in the hotel. Optional: Lunch during the program, which are not included in the package. Dinner is already individually.


9. Day Accommodation: Playa del Carmen

Free program on the beach. Playa del Carmen has lots of entertainment options. In the evening, walk through Quinta Avenida, where there are endless lines of bars, restaurants and shops. The city is a wonderful and vibrant seaside town and one of the most popular resorts of Riviera Maya are found here. Not by chance! In the city, along the main street, the coast passes through beautiful white sand and do not have to go far away to enjoy the crystal clear water. Everything is within walking distance. Possibility for additional optional programs for which application and payment is possible.

The basic package can be freely extended with extra nights, on request

10. Day Departure: Cancun

Free morning program until noon, check out from the hotel. The hotel's services can be used up until the departure. For an extra fee, a "Late check out" service is available on site. In the afternoon transfer to Cancun airport. Departure individually, without a guide service.

The base program can be supplemented with extra nights if you want to spend more time on the beach for a relaxing holiday!

The basic program can be supplemented with extra nights at the beginning of the program if the flights are more favorable than other days for arrivals!

Choice of your hotel on The Riviera Maya is possible, depending on the capacity, payment for the difference!

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