IMG-20171002-WA0025“When I started working with Stephanie I never imagined just how much I will improve in only a few sessions. After 4 dreadful years of self-hate and self-shame I could forgive the past’s pain with my ex-husband, after 17 years I finally saw myself attractive for the first time, I never had a more honest relationship with my parents than now and I no longer feel intimidated by challenges. I feel more and more self-confident each day and I can only recommend the whole world to work with Stephanie. What a journey I’m going through!! Thank you Stephy!” – Lizzie, Pharmacist and Animal Hospital Volunteer


How does exposing my life to the public help you?

One day I got tired of pretending to be someone I’m not. I've been hurt, emotionally abused, I hated my body, I struggled with depression, I felt lost, worthless and during these times, everyone was jealous of my life. Why? Because I hid my problems and I wore a happy mask for years. Admitting my unhappiness to others wasn’t an option because that would have meant admitting it to myself. I believed asking for help was weak, and I wanted to be, or at least be perceived as strong.

Unfortunately, that’s not how life works. Each time I changed my circumstances, I went back to what was familiar, making the same mistakes over and over again. Because the only thing I actually had control over hadn't changed: me.

My Seven Worlds started as my online self-development diary, but more and more people found a breath of relief when they could relate to me. My readers soon realized "Oh my god, I'm not alone with this problem!". My audience and I keep a very personal relationship where I answer every question they have in a blog post. This is a place where secrets are exposed in order to facilitate healing from the past and to put the right foundations down for the future.

Read more about my personal struggles and journey on the About page.

AAEAAQAAAAAAAAdYAAAAJDkyYzJjZTMyLWNkMjEtNDBjOC1hYWEyLWI0OWFlNjI1MjE4OA“She's taken more leaps of faith in the past few years than most people take in their entire lives. She always lands on her feet and has great lessons to share. She's a great example of living life to its fullest.

Mike Johnson Writer, Entrepreneur, Early Retirement Expert


Self-development by its nature is fluid. As your circumstances, your ideas change, so do you. This is why it is never finished, but it’s always improved. The gift of self-improvement and self-reflection is the biggest gift a life coach can give. My coaching teaches you to rely on yourself instead of constant therapy. Here is a brief introduction of what you will learn, depending on your personal needs:
The art of self-motivation
 Dream big
 Achieve your dreams
 Get rid of destructive habits and replace them with beneficial habits
 Create a healthy body image
 Love yourself unconditionally
 Choose the right career path for yourself
 Find your passions
 How to live in the now
 Set the right priorities
 Create a network around who help you improve
 Stop, reflect and appreciate the journey already behind you

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 13.06.32“I can’t tell how thankful I am to have found Stephanie. I was very hesitant to follow my dreams of traveling but soon after  I started working with her I had the courage to leave my job and everything behind and got my ticket! I learnt to live in the moment with her, since then I enjoy every moment of my life and I have never felt more alive. She helped me to break out of my own prison and be free. Thank you so much!!!” – Petra, General Manager

So if you are ready to prioritize your own happiness and personal development, click the Apply button and let your journey begin!

Happy self-development!

How does the coaching work?

It is online coaching over Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, or Viber. Once you reached out and explained to me what you have troubles with, I will send you some questions that will help you dig deeper into your issues before our first session, to prepare you mentally. Over the 1-hour session we will talk in detail about your troubles, then I will give you some exercises to practice until our next session. A student on average takes 2-5 sessions before they are ready to continue the work on their own.



Standard coaching $200/hour
1 hour session with choice of online communication

Motivational coaching $300/hour
1 hour session with choice of online communication + email follow-up three times for one week+ unlimited Q&A availability for one week

Standard coaching package $900/5 hours
Save a $100! You can distribute the sessions amongst friends and family or you can use all 5 sessions.

Motivational coaching package $1350/5 hours
Save a $150! and get the most out of your sessions. Also, you have give all or some of your sessions as a gift.

“I simply love Stephanie’s method! I’m so much more balanced, regardful and positive! I’m happier than I have ever been. Thank you Stephy.”

Tour operator and founder of Vegan Movement for Diabetics

“A day comes in every person’s life when we notice how the grey shadows of the every day routine starts to take its toll and us and we start forgetting who we are. Before Stephy I didn’t even realize how little I cared about myself. That’s when I started working with her and I started by spending only 5 minutes of quality time with me every day. It only took so little to get the machine started and the shift in me was tremendous. How could I forget to prioritize myself for so long?! Stephy helped me to find myself once again and I became so brave and confident I quit the job I have been meaning to leave for 2 years, ended a relationship that has been dragged along for too many years and now I found true love, finally have time for myself and I got an amazing job. I love my days! This has been the best decision of my life. Thank you Stephy! Thank you so much!” - Silvia, Evaluation Department Group Leader